Vitamin-D Binding Protein Gene Polymorphisms and Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin-D in a Turkish Population

The rs7041 and rs4588 polymorphisms found in the GC gene, encoding vitamin D-binding protein (DBP), have distinct biochemical phenotypes. The aim of this study was to investigate vitamin D parameters with these polymorphisms, in individuals with possible vitamin D deficiency. The most common (49% of the cohort) genotype in rs7041 was GT, especially among individuals with high levels of free 25(OH)D calculated but with low levels of bioavailable 25(OH)D, and in rs4588 it was AC in particular among the individuals with low levels of bioavailable 25(OH)D. The most common phenotypes were Gc1s/2 (35.3%) and Gc1s/1s (31.4%), and Gc1f/1f was rare (5.9%). The variations in free and bioavailable 25(OH)D levels among healthy Turkish individuals may be attributed tothe variations in total 25(OH)D as well as GC gene polymorphisms. The Turkish population shares a similarity for allele frequencies of rs7041 with the European population and similarity for allele frequencies of rs4588 with Gujarati Indians, and this may also be important in relation to certain ethnic populations showing associations between vitamin D and COVID-19.

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Dr. Lutfiye Karcıoğlu Batur